General questions
1). Download the respective folder for Installing Capicom.dll as per Window XP requirement.
2). Extract the folder to your deskt op and execute batch file from the extracted folder to register capicom.dll with Operating System.
3). After that use to install digtal signa ture driver using link (Download Smart Card/USB eToken Driver )

1) Each case should be registered once.

2) Details should be filled carefully and correctly.

3) Use updated browsers.

4) If working on Internet Explorer use Internet Explorer 11.

5) Password should be changed regularly.

6) Authorized person should fill the details online as soon as possible.

7) Reports should be in PDF Format.

8) Bank details and IFS code should be checked carefully before filling the details.

1) Password should not be shared with anyone.

2) The digital signature dongles should not be shared with anyone.

3) The details should not be filled casually because once digitally signed, details cannot be edited.

4) Reports should not get exchanged.

1) Install capicom.

2) Drivers ( .

3) Internet Explorer(IE) browser setting for digital sign Version 10. Or greater.

4) Enable all in ‘ActiveX Controls and Plugins section.

5) Click to security option in settings.

6) Choose Enable on option Download signed Activex Controls .

7) Choose Enable on option Download Unsigned Activex Controls .

8) Choose Enable on option Script and Initialize Activex Controls .